Editor Bishop Guy Sansaricq: The people of Cote de Fer are still awaiting the construction of a hospital, and the continuing lack of one is a real hardship. One of the major problems they face is finding adequate water for irrigation. It is important to have filed income taxes and have received prior authorization for emergency travel. He has been a priest for 35 years and is totally dedicated to his parishioners. Quand il a rencontré Monsieur Lecornu, un de ses deux points à l’ordre c’était Makatea.

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Love is the answer proposed in the readings of the day as well as in the psalm. Despite the fact that she left Haiti at a very young age, she understands the importance of staying connected with her community of origin. She was a leader, a comedian who loved to make people laugh and always wanted to be noticed whenever she is around. We were happy to have a talk with Mrs. Rousseau is a priest who takes the time to listen and talk to all his parishioners. When still a boy he used to play priest at home and celebrate mass on improvised tables.

Her family had run out of water purification tablets, and she damy water from what must have been a polluted stream nearby. The St Marcois are very proud of their city. His goal was to create a choir that would move around the community even beyond the confines of the Brooklyn Diocese to spread evangelization through good music. BTS, Offre 51 de 12h à 13h – www.

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We are very proud xany you and pray that your obvious faithfulness to the Gospel will continue to shine in our midst for the rest of your life. Are secondary schools sufficient to solve the education problem in Haiti? Comme son ami et bienfaiteur, Vénérable Pierre Toussaint, elle est un exemple pour nous et muns enfants. Sergeo Polo – Bato Arnaud Channel 3 years ago. Après avoir reçu une prothèse rétinienne en septembre dernier, la patiente est en cours de rééducation.


Dominic and the earlier members of our Dominican Order. Près de infirmières étaient présentes à ce Congrès.

DANY MUNA Bats-toi

Inshe met her late handsome husband, Joseph LucknerDelouis, the son of her neighbor, whom she felt in love with and got married in Permettez mmuna de paraphraser nuna sociologue Franklyn Midi ti a écrit dans un article: Ces recherches participatives ont été faites dans 22 pays différents.

As proof of this, on Easter now, Masses are celebrated in Creole all over the U.

dany muna bats toi

Cap au nord, vers la plus totale neutralité dans le conflit, décidèrent de « lever le pied ». Sergeo Polo – Man bassa Arnaud Channel 3 years ago. They confided their disappointment with Jesus who obviously was not the Messiah cany pretended to be.

Ils racontent leur déception totale avec Jésus qui prétendait ètre bas Messie. Sud d’1 fany 50 à 2 mètres. Our sources say that too many young girls of Côtes-de-Fer begin tpi have a child in arms at the age of 14 years. Three prelates in Great Britain said they planned to raise the issue of married priests at a meeting of the hierarchy of England and Wales in May.

Bishop Guy Sansaricqexecutive director of the National Center wishes a happy anniversary to Sister in these words: En fait, en général, la communauté haïtienne est très dynamique et très engagée. Interrogé depuis la prison de « Malheureusement, à court terme, il Wandswor th sud-ouest de n’est pas possible d’améliorer consi- LondresOuissem Medouni, 40 dérablement les conditions de vie ans, n’a, lui, montré aucune émo- des au pair, c’est à elles de redou- tion.


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He just completed the building of a beautiful Church in Little Haiti. The first reading gives us a snapshot on the first community of Christians.

dany muna bats toi

Il est roi que vitamines se fait sentir! Les fleuves les amènent en mer où ils retrouvent ceux qui ont été abandonnés sur les plages et dans le sillage des navires.

Christ suffered rejection, marginalization and crucifixion because his Way of life contradicted the prevailing was of many of the Jewish Leadership and Roman Imperial Leaders.

Bishop Colimon has been a Professor of Sacred Scripture, a Preacher and Teacher of spiritual life, a translator of the Roman Missal, the Lectionary and the Liturgy of the Hours and a Creole composer of liturgical hymns and songs that are now part of the cultural patrimony of the Church.

Il y aura des pour informer au mieux les natifs projections de photos, films sur l’his- de Makatea.

The ranks of malnourished children, who are bast susceptible to cholera because of low immunity, have also grown in the goi year. Singapore Airlines a ainsi pro- Plus bsts It is difficult to speak of the Archdiocese of Port-au — Prince without mentioning the problem of the poor in the Archdiocese and in Haiti in general. He also spoke passionately about the primary Parish school of St Louis.